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I studied Life Science at the University of Toronto, then went on the earn a Naturopathic degree in London, England; a Bachelor’s Degree in Complementary Medicine; and a diploma of Herbal Medicine. I have always had a keen interest in how the body works and the complex nature of disease. This was brought into focus when I suffered my own health struggles with an autoimmune disease and inflammatory bowel disorder. In 2007, I completed training to become a Colon Hydrotherapist and this opened a whole new world of Functional Medicine.  Since then I have focused on searching for root causes, rather than merely treating symptoms.


Through my work, I have developed an intimate knowledge and understanding of the digestive system and continue to learn as science provides more and more pieces of the puzzle. Through, the complex and often very ill individuals I meet and treat at the clinic, I am constantly reminded of how important and intelligent the Gastrointestinal system is and the important role that hydrotherapy can play in identifying and treating unique issues.

I have been blessed to become part of a fantastic team of Functional Medicine practitioners (, who have allowed me to optimize my own health and continually provide an opportunity to expand my knowledge of health as a functional and dynamic entity.

Christina Lamont

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